A Passion and a Business

´Vill hageglede´ (Wild garden joy in English) is an expression of passion for the naturalistic garden style and the name of my business, offering naturalistic planting design to both private customers and companies.

Surrounding yourself with a naturalistic garden is simply an indescribable joy, which I hope many more will open their eyes to. I want to contribute to this by sharing tips and inspiration in addition to services related to planting design.

In short

My name is Mariann Gundersen. I live in Stavanger, but spend large parts of the year on Justøya, often with dirt under my nails and a color pencil in my hand.

Genuine commitment, knowledge and a well-developed ability to create harmonious plant compositions are the core of my expertise and business. Information about my services can be found here.

On this site you will also find lots of information, tips, plant favorites and pictures, that hopefully will be useful and inspiring. Enjoy! 

For the past six years, I have immersed myself in the design and thinking behind the naturalistic garden style. In addition, I have carried out extensive "learning by doing" by testing out different plants and designs over time. What works - here in Norway - in terms of the available selection of plants and climate?

The result has become my "wild garden joy" - an approx. 800 m2 garden, planted with perennials and ornamental grass in large beds. The garden is located on Justøy in Lillesand municipality, by the coast of South Norway.

The project was started in the spring of 2017, and it under constant development. I recently received the Garden Design of the Year Award from the Scandinavian Design Awards for this work.